Bower Wire Cloth - Wholesale supplier of Aluminum
 Wire Cloth and stainless wire cloth, specializing in 2 Mesh x .063
 diameter Aluminum Wire Cloth Rolls and Framed Security Screens.

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 100' & 300' Rolls
Wire Cloth



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2 Mesh
x .063

Framed Wire Cloth and Security Screens

   Bird Screen Frame 

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Bird Screen "C" Frames  are constructed of  6063-T5 Extruded
Aluminum. The frame, illustrated in closed position securely locks 
the mesh into place.  Drilling directly through the frame,and mesh,
permits quick and easy installation.  Designed specifically for
.063 and .080 diameter wire cloth, these frames provide moderate
security against Vandalism, Birds, Rodents, and pilferage at afford-
able prices. Security can be enhanced even more by using stainless 
wire cloth (.028 x 12 Mesh)or(.063 x 2 Mesh)in the frames.  This
provides 24 hour security for industrial, commercial and institut-
ional applications.


Center Brace  

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Extruded Aluminum Brace  provides additional stability for
large size screens. Recommended for framed aluminum Screens
over 8 feet in length and stainless Screens over six feet
in length.


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